Beauty has a different definition for everyone and it does not mean at all that you need to look perfect to be beautiful. Sometimes those imperfections can be beautiful in every way. Nor of us have the perfect skin but expectations do exist. It is amazing to embrace your imperfections but sometimes they need to be hidden especially when they are the burn scars. If you too have some burn scars you want to hide these tips to apply makeup for burns can be very helpful for you. So, let’s have a look at them without wasting any other second.

Tips to apply makeup for burn scars:

1. Use a silicon primer:

Primer is the first thing we apply to our skin before starting makeup. It is the base of the foundation and helps the make-up to seem smoother and last long. Primer comes in various forms of creams, gels, and powders. But I usually find it that cream-based primers are best to use when hiding those burn marks. Pick up a cream primer that has a buildable coverage formula. Since most scars have a different texture and they usually tend out to stand from the rest of the skin, so it becomes mandatory to use a primer that helps in making the burnt area look even. For this purpose, the silicone-based primer is most suitable as it can fill in the uneven spots and make the skin look smooth even without making that look like you ever had a scar at that place.


All you need to do to apply a primer on the affected area is to pick up a drop of the cream primer and spread it over the scar area with the fingertips or with your regular make-up brush.

2. Effective utilization of color correctors for the small scars:

Color correctors are a suitable product for those small burn scars. You can get a rich and creamy corrector that has a high coverage power. For Indian skin, the light green corrector is the best pick to hide red burn scars. Other than that you can choose a yellow color corrector for those blue tints and lavender shade color correctors for yellow color scars. So, it all depends upon how your scar looks and what shade it highlights. You can take help from the sellers to suggest t you an appropriate color corrector.


3. Pick up a foundation matching your skin tone:

This is the most general rule of choosing a makeup product that they must go with your skin tone. Same goes with the foundation. After using primer and your color corrector apply a foundation that matches your skin tone. In case you are using a cream primer, then it will be a good move to choose a water-based foundation. Even if you are looking forward to use a powdered foundation, it will also show wonder with your cream primer. Just little bit of brushing up your foundation and you can say goodbye to your burn scars for a night or a day.


Short sure Tips and warnings for applying makeup for burn scars:

• Always look forward to makeup that suits your skin.

• Always apply foundation before applying the concealer for better coverage to those burn scars.


• Never ever use your makeup products on a burn that is still healing as it may worsen the conditions for you.

• Take the help of professional to suggest some amazing makeup products for your burnt areas.


This was all we had to tell you about the tips to apply makeup for burn scars. Hope these tips were helpful enough. Do leave a comment below and let us know what tricks you use to hide those burn scars.

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